Eagle Fish Finders

I would like to tell you that if you really like fishing with your family and friends on holidays then it would be a great option for you to select the Eagle fish finders. Eagle is a very well known company that is its great fishing equipments. You will really have great time fishing if you use these modern equipments. Fish finders are usually equipments that help you to locate fishes in a specific area. With this modern technology you can also identify the fishes that you have caught.  A small screen is provided in the equipment that helps you to locate the fishes with the help of SONAR and echo sounding.
Some different fish finders that are manufactured by Eagle are mentioned below.

Eagle Fish Finders

1. CUDA 350 Portable Fish finder
It is a portable fish finder that you can conveniently carry while you are going for fishing. Some of its great features are mentioned below.

  • This equipment comes with the portable 200 kHz Skimmer transducer with the Porta-Power Pack which helps you to locate the fishes easily.
  • “It comes with a one year warranty that you can also use it in hard waters.
  • Some functions that it performs are Advanced Fish I.D., fish Track, ASP operation and GRAYLINE. It is high performance equipment with high sensitivity and temperature control system.
  • It comes with 800 watts power with 600ft depth capability.

2. Eagle FishEasy 245 DS Fishfinder
This fish finder comes with many advanced and additional features which you would never find in a normal equipment.

  • It has and LCD screen that can be rotated according to for requirements.
  • It ahs 1500watts power and 800ft depth capability.
  • Fish symbols are provided according to which fishes are located easily. The equipment can also help in discovering the fishes that are hidden in weeds and clutter.
  • It is very easy to connect and it uses the SONAR technology and has internal backup power.

3. Eagle Cuda 350 T/M Fishfinder S/Map
This excellent equipment has all the great features that you require while you are going for fishing.

  • It comes with the sonar/GPS chartplotter combo that helps you to locate fishes even if it is raining. It is a high performance device that has 800 watts power and 600 ft depth capability.
  • You can conveniently use it is river, lakes and in any other water body.

Well these are some great fish finders that Eagle would provide you. For more information you must consult the company’s website.

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